How Can I Make This Any Easier to Understand?

Rhetorical question, naturally.

Okay, so I work at a retail store that has a print and copy center, and that’s my department. We have two self-serve machines for Black and White copies, and a single copier in the corner for self-serve color copies. Usually, people just use the first one that they walk up to, regardless of which type of copy they’re making, and we normally just ring them up for Black and White pricing if they just make monochrome copies on the color machine.

However, we got an e-mail from corporate recently, informing us that any copies on that machine should be priced at the color copy price ($.69 each) whether they are Black and White or Color prints, due to the cost of the ink for the machine. So I got to work and designed a few hard-to-miss signs to place on the machine, to inform customers so that they wouldn’t be unnecessarily charged for color copies. I don’t have an actual picture of our signs, but this is the same machine, and I placed red panels (the actual color of the signs) onto this picture with Photoshop to give you an idea of where the signs are:

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If you can’t tell, that is three signs. The one on the top (that you have to lift to place your originals in the machine) reads:

Please be informed that all copies made at this machine, whether Black & White or Color, will be charged at the color copy price rate!

The second, next to the panel where you input the number of copies, and any other final adjustments, reads:

Copies: $.69

The third one, which is placed on the tray where your copies and your receipt are printed out reads the same as the first one. I assumed this was foolproof.

I. Was. Wrong.

Saturday night, I had my first customer somehow manage to miss seeing all of those signs. He came to the counter with his receipts for 11 copies from that machine, I rang him up, it came to $8 and some-odd cents. He paid for it, started to leave, and then asked me how it came to so much. I then told him that they were $.69 each, and he tells me “The other machine said they were $.07 each, I just assumed they were the same!”. He was upset, but – as heartless as this may sound – I really didn’t care. I have no sympathy for anyone who could miss that many warnings.

Karma came back for me later, though, by making me kill our second spiral binding machine. The best part? WEEKEND! No service technicians until Monday at the earliest.

Moral of the story? You can never have too many warning signs. That and, no matter how careful you are, karma comes back with a freaking vengeance.


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