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No Ma’am, I Cannot Delete Your MySpace Profile…

It’s always amusing when technologically challenged people ask you for strange requests.

Yesterday I was at OfficeMax, and this middle-aged couple came by the copy counter wanting to know about a registered receipt that they needed from a shipment they had shipped via DHL. Well, to my knowledge, we don’t DO registered receipts in our store, we’re just a drop-off location primarily.

Well, they go to talk to Shelia for a minute, and then they come back over to see if we have a copy of the tracking receipt (the woman is pretty much in hysterics right now) from back in February. So I look through there, and eventually we find, not the tracking receipt, but the shipping label. By this time though, this couple was creeping me and Josh the heck out, so I didn’t really mention that fact, but I gave her a copy of that. (meaning it probably never got shipped, seeing as we still had the label)

Not satisfied with just that though, she asks me to write down on there something to prove that she was there that day. I was kinda weirded out by this point, because apparently what the deal was, was the shipment was a certified letter to MySpace. She starts into this whole long rant (actually crying during this, too) about how someone has started a MySpace profile under her name, and claimed that there was sexually explicit content on there, involving a minor. At this point, there was no way in heck I was going to get involved with this.

Then the guy that was with her asks us “You kids are usually good with computers, can we get you guys to call MySpace and have them delete the profile?”

Uh, no?

Then he says “Well, can you go onto MySpace and delete it for us?”. I try to explain that there’s no way I could do that unless I was the administrator, but then he still asks “Well, do you know the password for the administrator account?”.

At this point I just told him if he had a problem with it, the only thing he could do is e-mail MySpace, or maybe file a complaint with the FCC (which he asked me to do for him as well) and see if they would take care of it. They eventually gave up and just left, with the woman crying on the way out.

I did eventually find the page she was talking about, and suffice it to say, she was completely exaggerating. It was her own MySpace page, she had comments from her children from back in May ’06, but apparently someone got on her computer or found her password and added a couple offensive sentences to the end of her bio, and now she can’t figure out how to change it.

Sucks to be her, I guess, but it’s not like I could’ve done anything about it.


The Memorex Saga Reaches Closure.

*sigh* Not really in the way that you’d expect, I don’t guess. (Click the Memorex tag for the previous stories if you’ve not read them). I finally just gave up on sending my iPod speaker dock back to Memorex, since no one there seemed to have a clue of what they were doing, or any desire to help fix the problem at all.
I’d bought it at Office Depot, so I decided I’d just print out a copy of all my correspondence with Memorex, my receipt, and my shipping confirmation from DHL.

I went in there, not really expecting much, but after telling them about what happened, I asked if they could just do an exchange for the same item. Initially she told me she couldn’t, but she called a supervisor over, who decided that it wasn’t any problem, and he swapped it out. Only caveat is it’s the black colored model instead of white, but not that I really care. At least it works.

So here’s a shoutout and a thumbs-up of awesomeness to the employees of Office Depot in Huntsville! ;)


I Just Bombed a Calculus Test

Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever had that difficult of a time with a math test before. We’ve been going over Integral Calculations in Cal 1 this past week, and the class lasted for three hours. By the first hour and a half, everyone had already completely zoned out anyway. Anyway, so we’re going over this stuff, and I’m totally lost on all of it, but she gives us this practice test to work on, so that we’d have an idea of what to study. Well, that’s good!

So yesterday, I work my way through the practice test, and realize I didn’t have much trouble at all with it. I figured I was just tired during class, which was why it didn’t make sense.

Integral Calculus

It all came back to me tonight. On the practice test, we were doing problems such as:

ʃ(x+1)(x+2)(x+3) boundaries: (0, 1)

And stuff like that, not too difficult. However, tonight, it was the same type of problems, only on steroids.

ʃ8x²√(4x²+3) Boundaries: (-5,-3)

That, and she threw in some problems from previous chapters for good measure. I’m finding out the hard way, don’t take a class if you don’t need it! :D

Yeah, I didn’t even have to take it for my degree, but a girl I know asked me to take the class with her, and I like math, so I took it. I’m almost regretting it now!

Ah well, only two more tests until school’s out, so if I can hang in there that long, I’ll be in the clear!


I Don’t Like Javascript Anymore

Not that I ever really did, honestly. I’ve been working on these school assignments for the class I’m taking online, and one of the classes is a Javascript class. The problem with this is, the book we’re using is six years old. Meaning, when you go to look for help on the internet, all the code has changed, so you have to totally rework the problems to fit modern code.
Javascript Code

When this becomes a real problem though, is when you’ve written a part of the code modern, and part ancient. In my case, I ended up confused between:

<script language=”javascript>
<script type=”javascript>

So for the last few weeks, I’ve been working on this project, frustrated like crazy, trying to find any reason why my code wasn’t working. Turns out, it’s supposed to be type=”text/javascript” instead of just type=”javascript. That was the whole reason it hadn’t been working.

That’s what I hate about programming. It’s never a difficult error that you make. You never realize “Oh crap, I’m going to have to rewrite that entire script block!”. No, it’s always a period out of place; a semi-colon astray; a missing quotation mark. All the things that, once you find them, become so ridiculously simple, that you want to inflict a lot of pain on yourself for not noticing it in the first place.

The good news? I finished the project. Two weeks late. Not sure how the grade will go, but I’m just glad it’s overwith.


Nikon D40 or Nikon D50?

I want to buy a DSLR.

No news there, really. First I need a few of these:
100 Dollar Bills

I actually talked to someone recently at work who is looking at selling his Nikon D50, and he’s going to be calling in a few weeks to let me know how much he wants for it. However, I was actually looking at the D40 first, seeing as it’s a newer model, and that was what I was originally saving up for, but the D50 looks to have a few good feature differences between the D40. So I really don’t know whether I should think about buying the D50 used (at a good price difference, or I wouldn’t get it), or just go ahead and spring the extra to buy it new, or the D40 new.
Nikon D40

I don’t know, or maybe I could just wait, but I really like doing photography, and right now, my camera is just an Olympus SP-310 which, while nice for a point and shoot, doesn’t come near a DSLR.

I’m leaning towards Nikon, but if anyone has some good suggestions for an entry-level DSLR for someone who’s fairly well-versed on manual controls, give me a shout!


That’s About as Likely as Snow in April. Wait, What?

I swear, Alabama has the strangest weather patterns of any place in the U.S.

All last week, everyone’s been out in light clothing: T-shirts, shorts, whatever. Temperatures were up in the high 80s, and I was using my A/C for the first time in a few months. Well, I was thinking it was kind of cold this morning, so I brought my jacket with me. Well, after I got out of work this evening, I was sitting in my friend Stephen’s truck, listening to some CD, and we just happened to look outside and notice it was freaking snowing!

On the way home, it honestly got so thick it was like a light snowstorm coming in. In April!

I just thought it was kinda cool. Weird as heck, but cool. Seeing as we didn’t get any snow in the Winter, I suppose Spring is as good a time as any. :/


Coming to You at 6 Mbps!

This is awesome. 6 Mbps and no bandwidth cap. You beter believe I’ll be putting that to the test. This is so much better than the old satellite internet. Unfortunately, I’m running out of ideas of things to do with it, now that I’ve got it. :(