That’s About as Likely as Snow in April. Wait, What?

I swear, Alabama has the strangest weather patterns of any place in the U.S.

All last week, everyone’s been out in light clothing: T-shirts, shorts, whatever. Temperatures were up in the high 80s, and I was using my A/C for the first time in a few months. Well, I was thinking it was kind of cold this morning, so I brought my jacket with me. Well, after I got out of work this evening, I was sitting in my friend Stephen’s truck, listening to some CD, and we just happened to look outside and notice it was freaking snowing!

On the way home, it honestly got so thick it was like a light snowstorm coming in. In April!

I just thought it was kinda cool. Weird as heck, but cool. Seeing as we didn’t get any snow in the Winter, I suppose Spring is as good a time as any. :/


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