I Just Bombed a Calculus Test

Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever had that difficult of a time with a math test before. We’ve been going over Integral Calculations in Cal 1 this past week, and the class lasted for three hours. By the first hour and a half, everyone had already completely zoned out anyway. Anyway, so we’re going over this stuff, and I’m totally lost on all of it, but she gives us this practice test to work on, so that we’d have an idea of what to study. Well, that’s good!

So yesterday, I work my way through the practice test, and realize I didn’t have much trouble at all with it. I figured I was just tired during class, which was why it didn’t make sense.

Integral Calculus

It all came back to me tonight. On the practice test, we were doing problems such as:

ʃ(x+1)(x+2)(x+3) boundaries: (0, 1)

And stuff like that, not too difficult. However, tonight, it was the same type of problems, only on steroids.

ʃ8x²√(4x²+3) Boundaries: (-5,-3)

That, and she threw in some problems from previous chapters for good measure. I’m finding out the hard way, don’t take a class if you don’t need it! :D

Yeah, I didn’t even have to take it for my degree, but a girl I know asked me to take the class with her, and I like math, so I took it. I’m almost regretting it now!

Ah well, only two more tests until school’s out, so if I can hang in there that long, I’ll be in the clear!


4 Responses to “I Just Bombed a Calculus Test”

  1. 1 Jay
    April 14, 2007 at 10:01 PM

    Ah I remember Calculus I, those were the days!

    As for the problem (ʃ8x²√(4x²+3) Boundaries: (-5,-3)), I would recommend a trigonometric substitution, that would simplify things quite nicely =). Or just plain old substitution if you can’t be bothered with trig definitions.

  2. 2 Kevin
    April 14, 2007 at 10:46 PM

    *no idea what you mean by trigonometric substitution

    I see…

    You mean U Substitution? The teacher wasn’t there or I’d have just asked her, she had to go somewhere the same day we had to take the test, so it was a sub that gave us the test. It’s kind of nice, I really am not stressed about this class at all, because it’s not even necessary for my degree.

    I can’t wait for it to be over though, I hate these one night per week classes. It’s too much to try to fit into one class session.

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