The Memorex Saga Reaches Closure.

*sigh* Not really in the way that you’d expect, I don’t guess. (Click the Memorex tag for the previous stories if you’ve not read them). I finally just gave up on sending my iPod speaker dock back to Memorex, since no one there seemed to have a clue of what they were doing, or any desire to help fix the problem at all.
I’d bought it at Office Depot, so I decided I’d just print out a copy of all my correspondence with Memorex, my receipt, and my shipping confirmation from DHL.

I went in there, not really expecting much, but after telling them about what happened, I asked if they could just do an exchange for the same item. Initially she told me she couldn’t, but she called a supervisor over, who decided that it wasn’t any problem, and he swapped it out. Only caveat is it’s the black colored model instead of white, but not that I really care. At least it works.

So here’s a shoutout and a thumbs-up of awesomeness to the employees of Office Depot in Huntsville! ;)


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