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Never Paint a Car With a Foam Paintbrush…

I manage to do some really stupid things sometimes. It’s been a recent epiphany of mine that, if you’re good at a particular field, such as computers, cars, marketing, don’t venture off to the others. Okay, me? I’m alright when it comes to computers, but I don’t know crap about cars. Why then, would I attempt to repaint my car with absolutely no knowledge of how to do so? Because I’m an idiot. Naturally.

Okay, first rule of painting a car, you don’t use these:
Foam Brush

Yeah, not a good thing. For some reason, I had this image in my mind of it painted nicely, and then sanded down and blending in perfectly with the original paint.

Yeah, you realists know better than that. First of all, the paint DIDN’T MATCH. They got me the wrong color white. Otherwise, it might have been alright just sanded down and clear coated. But no, now you can see all these wonderful white stripes and brush strokes on my hood, doors, roof, bumpers, and just about everything except the trunk. It’s like I transformed it into a freaking canvas, and painted only in white.

Oh well, that’s my totally random story for the night, just wanted to share my frustrations (and if anyone happens to know anything that would get it off easier, since it’s only been on there a day or so, let me know!)


Watch ALL Episodes of Heroes Online at NBC


Just thought I’d share this tip for those who like the show. Back when the season went on hiatus for a while, and they showed all the episodes online, I’d bookmarked the page. However, now they only show the pilot and the last five episodes on the website.

Oddly enough though, the link that I bookmarked still shows all episodes, and they’re all fully functional. They’re just not shown on NBC’s Heroes page any more.
Here is the link to the page of all the episodes, if you haven’t watched the show up to this point, now’s a good time, although the finale is coming next week. Of course, more than likely they’ll put them all back up again at the end of the season anyway, but for now, enjoy!


Heroes Episode 22: Landslide

Never end an episode like that, NBC!

Well, another awesome episode of Heroes tonight. Next episode is the finale! Just a quick recap of the episode, which I’m going to hide behind the “more” tag, to hide the upcoming SPOILERS: Continue reading ‘Heroes Episode 22: Landslide’


College Graduation Takes a While When You Have Over 400 People.

Me before graduation

So I’m a day late at blogging about it, but I’ve graduated with my Associate Degree in Computer Science – Programming. I don’t feel particularly more awesome than I did before, but maybe that will come later.

So anyway, they tell us to get there at 10:30 AM to get pictures done. So me and Lyndsey show up at around that time, and go in there and expect a big line and wait to get pictures done. Nah. Walked up, filled out a card, she snapped a couple of photos, and we left by 10:45. This is totally off the subject, but is it sad that the first thing I did when I walked up there was comment to the lady about her camera? She had a Nikon D70. I made sure to notice, haha.
Group in Line at Graduation

So then I just went and ate some lunch to kill time until 1 PM, since the Great Benevolent Graduate Overlords decided that we needed an hour to get in line. Oddly enough it ended up that way, as everyone just stood around in a mass group until about five minutes before the procession (when the GBGOs started running around screaming at us to get in a single file line).

Then we finally started to move, and when the band started playing, for a short moment, I could have sworn they were playing the Star Wars theme song. An awesome geek moment there. I heard someone yell out “Free Bird!!” after they finished, which I though was awesome. Free Bird would have made a great graduation theme to play while we were walking onstage, but I think the GBGOs would have had an early trip to the grave.
Graduation Stage

Then we walked into the auditorium and got seated. (It was a really freaking big auditorium). After about an hour and a half (literally!) they got through with all the introductory speeches, and special student honor recognitions, and all that kind of stuff, and we finally got around to going onstage. It took another hour and a half to cycle through everyone and get handed our (empty) diplomas. That was the other thing. To hurry things through, they didn’t have anyone in a particular order, so you weren’t really handed a diploma when you went on stage, you were handed an empty diploma case.

After the graduation you were supposed to head to the Wellness Center and pick up your diploma to put into your case. Well I had no idea where it was, I’d never been down to this end of the campus anyway (kind of sad after my being there for three years), so I drove off trying to fight my way through the traffic, which was horrible because of how many people showed up. After I made my way out to the main road, I called up one of my friends who was graduating with me to see if they knew where it was. Turns out, it was directly next to the graduation building…
That means I drove out of there in that traffic for no real reason. So I had to fight my way back over there, and once I got in there, they were already putting up all the diplomas! I barely even made it in there before they’d put mine up. I just wonder how the heck that many graduates made it up there that fast?

Oh well, it was interesting anyway. So I’m now a graduate, and believe it or not, I’ll actually really miss it there, haha.


Windows Vista Doesn’t Like My 3 Gigs of RAM.

Well, I guess it had to happen sometime. I’ve been a big supporter of Windows Vista since it came out, and Microsoft sent me a complimentary copy for watching some webcasts, but now I have a real complaint about it.
Windows Vista Box

In my last post, I talked about how I just bought 2 GB of memory off of Newegg. So I got that in the next day, and installed it into my PC. Worked fine (after I remembered to change it to single channel mode instead of dual channel) and I’ve been running Vista fine.

Now, a few days later, I get this message that comes up in Vista, saying:

Your software has been deactivated due to a hardware change. Please reactivate within one (1) day or the software may stop working.

Wait, what?

I’ve been using Vista since late January, and now it’s making me reactivate because I added memory?

Well, this wouldn’t be so bad, provided the activation wizard works properly, and I can reactivate it just fine. It didn’t. It tells me the product key that I’m using is already in use. It’s in use on the computer I’m trying to reactivate, geniuses! So I call their phone support line, and the key is still rejected. It attempts to transfer me to a rep for further activation support, but no one ever answers.

So I send a customer service email to Microsoft asking them about it, and telling them what I’ve already tried, and what do they send me? The phone number for Windows XP activation support. And yes, I did tell them it was Vista in the email.

So I call it again anyway, and they end up transferring me to a Microsoft rep, who finally is able to give me an activation code to type in.

I guess the bottom line here is, if they’re going to implement security features to prevent people from pirating their software, then that’s all well in good. However, seeing as they designed this feature in there, they really should make sure that their automatic activation wizard works correctly, because if I have to call in every time I make a minor hardware change, I’m going to get very aggravated.


Upgrading to 3 GB of RAM. Heck Yes!

Night before last I was looking at Newegg, I’ve been watching a 1 GB stick of DDR2 667 MHz RAM that’s been steadily dropping in price (started at $65, and is down to under $40 now), and finally decided to go ahead and buy one. Well, when I went to check out, I saw the box where you go to enter discount codes, so I figured I’d run a search on Google and see if there were any recent codes.

I was surprised to find there was. In fact, it was for a DOUBLE PACK of the same exact stick of RAM I’d been watching. Key part here was, where 1 gig would have been $45 after shipping, the 2 gigs was only $75, and free shipping. (The best part is that Newegg ships from Tennessee, so I always get things overnight, regardless of what type of shipping I choose)

So I went ahead and spent the extra, and according to Newegg, it’s already been shipped, and is on it’s way to Alabama. That means I’ll get it in the morning! Well, technically the afternoon, since I have to go work in the morning (but I just closed tonight!), so I’ll have to install it when I get back. I’m excited though, since my computer’s been locking up a lot now that I’m running Windows Vista. It’s a freakin’ memory hog. Takes up about 512 MB just idling, so any major Photoshop work is a no when I’m running Vista (of course, then I just boot back into XP. I love dual booting!)

Wow, that was about one of the geekiest blog posts I’ve written yet! I’m improving! Haha.

EDIT 12/13/07: No comments allowed on this post. For some weird reason this post seems to attract spam.


School’s Out! / Forklift Training!

About time!

I finally finished up my last project (a portfolio for Systems Analysis) last night, and I’m about to go run it up to the campus to get it graded, but other than that school is finally out for the summer. Too bad these next three months always seem to be the quickest to go by.

So now, this Saturday I get to go wear my dorky little cap and gown, and get my empty diploma (you have to get the actual paper after the ceremony, they just hand you an empty diploma cover on stage).

Here’s a video I think anyone should enjoy (unless you just happen to be really squeamish about fake blood….lots of it…):

Klaus needs his license revoked, methinks…

It’s kind of funny though, here in the U.S. all these job training videos are just stupid and pointless, and no one really pays attention to them. This is an actual training video they use in Germany somewhere for forklifts. That’s awesome.

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