School’s Out! / Forklift Training!

About time!

I finally finished up my last project (a portfolio for Systems Analysis) last night, and I’m about to go run it up to the campus to get it graded, but other than that school is finally out for the summer. Too bad these next three months always seem to be the quickest to go by.

So now, this Saturday I get to go wear my dorky little cap and gown, and get my empty diploma (you have to get the actual paper after the ceremony, they just hand you an empty diploma cover on stage).

Here’s a video I think anyone should enjoy (unless you just happen to be really squeamish about fake blood….lots of it…):

Klaus needs his license revoked, methinks…

It’s kind of funny though, here in the U.S. all these job training videos are just stupid and pointless, and no one really pays attention to them. This is an actual training video they use in Germany somewhere for forklifts. That’s awesome.


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