Upgrading to 3 GB of RAM. Heck Yes!

Night before last I was looking at Newegg, I’ve been watching a 1 GB stick of DDR2 667 MHz RAM that’s been steadily dropping in price (started at $65, and is down to under $40 now), and finally decided to go ahead and buy one. Well, when I went to check out, I saw the box where you go to enter discount codes, so I figured I’d run a search on Google and see if there were any recent codes.

I was surprised to find there was. In fact, it was for a DOUBLE PACK of the same exact stick of RAM I’d been watching. Key part here was, where 1 gig would have been $45 after shipping, the 2 gigs was only $75, and free shipping. (The best part is that Newegg ships from Tennessee, so I always get things overnight, regardless of what type of shipping I choose)

So I went ahead and spent the extra, and according to Newegg, it’s already been shipped, and is on it’s way to Alabama. That means I’ll get it in the morning! Well, technically the afternoon, since I have to go work in the morning (but I just closed tonight!), so I’ll have to install it when I get back. I’m excited though, since my computer’s been locking up a lot now that I’m running Windows Vista. It’s a freakin’ memory hog. Takes up about 512 MB just idling, so any major Photoshop work is a no when I’m running Vista (of course, then I just boot back into XP. I love dual booting!)

Wow, that was about one of the geekiest blog posts I’ve written yet! I’m improving! Haha.

EDIT 12/13/07: No comments allowed on this post. For some weird reason this post seems to attract spam.


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