College Graduation Takes a While When You Have Over 400 People.

Me before graduation

So I’m a day late at blogging about it, but I’ve graduated with my Associate Degree in Computer Science – Programming. I don’t feel particularly more awesome than I did before, but maybe that will come later.

So anyway, they tell us to get there at 10:30 AM to get pictures done. So me and Lyndsey show up at around that time, and go in there and expect a big line and wait to get pictures done. Nah. Walked up, filled out a card, she snapped a couple of photos, and we left by 10:45. This is totally off the subject, but is it sad that the first thing I did when I walked up there was comment to the lady about her camera? She had a Nikon D70. I made sure to notice, haha.
Group in Line at Graduation

So then I just went and ate some lunch to kill time until 1 PM, since the Great Benevolent Graduate Overlords decided that we needed an hour to get in line. Oddly enough it ended up that way, as everyone just stood around in a mass group until about five minutes before the procession (when the GBGOs started running around screaming at us to get in a single file line).

Then we finally started to move, and when the band started playing, for a short moment, I could have sworn they were playing the Star Wars theme song. An awesome geek moment there. I heard someone yell out “Free Bird!!” after they finished, which I though was awesome. Free Bird would have made a great graduation theme to play while we were walking onstage, but I think the GBGOs would have had an early trip to the grave.
Graduation Stage

Then we walked into the auditorium and got seated. (It was a really freaking big auditorium). After about an hour and a half (literally!) they got through with all the introductory speeches, and special student honor recognitions, and all that kind of stuff, and we finally got around to going onstage. It took another hour and a half to cycle through everyone and get handed our (empty) diplomas. That was the other thing. To hurry things through, they didn’t have anyone in a particular order, so you weren’t really handed a diploma when you went on stage, you were handed an empty diploma case.

After the graduation you were supposed to head to the Wellness Center and pick up your diploma to put into your case. Well I had no idea where it was, I’d never been down to this end of the campus anyway (kind of sad after my being there for three years), so I drove off trying to fight my way through the traffic, which was horrible because of how many people showed up. After I made my way out to the main road, I called up one of my friends who was graduating with me to see if they knew where it was. Turns out, it was directly next to the graduation building…
That means I drove out of there in that traffic for no real reason. So I had to fight my way back over there, and once I got in there, they were already putting up all the diplomas! I barely even made it in there before they’d put mine up. I just wonder how the heck that many graduates made it up there that fast?

Oh well, it was interesting anyway. So I’m now a graduate, and believe it or not, I’ll actually really miss it there, haha.


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