Heroes Episode 22: Landslide

Never end an episode like that, NBC!

Well, another awesome episode of Heroes tonight. Next episode is the finale! Just a quick recap of the episode, which I’m going to hide behind the “more” tag, to hide the upcoming SPOILERS:


So Ted Sprague dies, and Sylar is the bomb? Where does that leave the painting showing Sprague in the foreground against a burning New York City, shown very much alive? Also, why does Sylar suddenly have the desire to blow up New York, after last episode having no desire to do so?


Hiro’s storyline took a great turn too, now that his father reveals that he has known all about Hiro’s power from the beginning, and trains him to use the sword. (Kind of cheesy that he learns all about using the sword in just a matter of hours, but still cool) And of course, Ando’s going to go get himself killed. I wonder if they’ll actually go through with that, or if Hiro will manage to save him?


Niki/Jessica’s storyline FINALLY went somewhere. It’s about time, I was getting sick of her storyline that seemed to go nowhere, ever. Now it’s started to reach some closure, which is good. Which brings me to wonder if DL dies or not.

Something I thought interesting was when Candice is eating, and Micah mentions a friend who eats like her, and is “huge”. She then replies “So am I.” So is the Candice we’ve seen apparently not what she really looks like, and who she really is? I’m wondering if that’s going to play a big part in the story.

The Suresh, Bennett, and Parkman story was probably the most interesting of all this time around, it was very refreshing (is this wrong?) to see Bennett kill that dude from the company. But if the company dude is dead, then what would be the reason for killing Molly?

The Peter and Claire storylines really went nowhere this time around, so that was kind of a disappointment.

So again, we’re left at the end with the explosion threat. I guess it’s expected since that’s going to be how the show ends, but still, eh. Don’t run the trailer before it showing Sylar going “BOOM!”, and then have that as the ending, that’s just….WRONG!

Next week is going to be a very interesting episode, though I’m totally going to hate seeing the show go off the air until next season.


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