Never Paint a Car With a Foam Paintbrush…

I manage to do some really stupid things sometimes. It’s been a recent epiphany of mine that, if you’re good at a particular field, such as computers, cars, marketing, don’t venture off to the others. Okay, me? I’m alright when it comes to computers, but I don’t know crap about cars. Why then, would I attempt to repaint my car with absolutely no knowledge of how to do so? Because I’m an idiot. Naturally.

Okay, first rule of painting a car, you don’t use these:
Foam Brush

Yeah, not a good thing. For some reason, I had this image in my mind of it painted nicely, and then sanded down and blending in perfectly with the original paint.

Yeah, you realists know better than that. First of all, the paint DIDN’T MATCH. They got me the wrong color white. Otherwise, it might have been alright just sanded down and clear coated. But no, now you can see all these wonderful white stripes and brush strokes on my hood, doors, roof, bumpers, and just about everything except the trunk. It’s like I transformed it into a freaking canvas, and painted only in white.

Oh well, that’s my totally random story for the night, just wanted to share my frustrations (and if anyone happens to know anything that would get it off easier, since it’s only been on there a day or so, let me know!)


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