Prank Night at OfficeMax!

Haha, okay tonight was awesome. Well, yesterday I got to play the part of a technophobic Chinese gay man, and prank call Jacob. That of course, was in retaliation for him tricking Ashlie into thinking this fake camera we had was real, and was being monitored by corporate (yeah, it was mean, but freakin hilarious).

So anyway, we started the night off by getting Ashlie again. We took some double-sided mounting tape, and firmly secured the handset to the base unit. Then when Ashlie got back, we rang the store phone from a cellphone, and when she tried to pick it up, it lifted up the entire base unit, and she couldn’t get the phone out.

Well, earlier on in the day, I’d also emptied and thoroughly cleaned out a Windex bottle that was kept under the counter, then walked over to Dollar General to buy some blue gatorade. I think you probably know where I went with that. Haha, so yeah, I filled the empty Windex bottle about halfway up with Gatorade, and then left it on the counter while Ashlie was on break. When she got back, Mark asked me to clean the counters (yeah, he already knew about the switch), so I start the clean the counters in front of Ashlie, then stopped to take a nice big drink out of the bottle. Haha, I wish I would’ve had a camera, the look on her face was priceless!

So after all that, she went over to grab a buggy for putting out returns, and we placed a piece of clear Scotch tape over the switch on the phone (the one under the handset, that pops up when you lift the handset so that the phone knows that it’s been picked up), and rang the phone again. This time, she picks up the phone, and it just keeps ringing. Took her a while to figure out what the problem was. :)

We decided we’d leave her alone after that, but decided we needed another. So we went to check lockers, and Josh had left his car keys in his locker. We debated for a while, but we ended up taking his car, and parking it out behind the building. Then Mark took him out back to take out trash, and he finally noticed. It was pretty funny.

Unfortunately that’s when I got pranked. When I went out to drive his car, I’d left my cellphone on the counter and forgot about it. Well, I was looking for it later, and couldn’t find it anywhere. I tried calling it but it wasn’t ringing. So yeah, I’m having a miniature heart attack thinking someone stole my phone, and then it hits me that Mark more than likely had it. When I asked him about it, he tried to act like he didn’t have it, but he sucks at lying, so I stopped worrying about that. :P

I couldn’t get Mark back very well though, I ran out of ideas. I just placed tape over the keyhole on the door for lockup, and used mounting tape to stick the mouse to the computer desk in the manager’s office. They worked, but they weren’t very interesting.

Well, throughout all this, we finally realized that Mike was the only one that hadn’t been pranked, so naturally we had to rectify that situation. He was leaving in about 15 minutes, so we didn’t have much time to work with, so this is what we eventually came up with:

POST-IT NOTES!! All over his windshield! Haha, for short notice, we thought Post-It notes worked pretty well. We used up two pads of them. I think we all agreed that it was the best prank of the night, and it was hilarious, he actually got in the car and started it up before he noticed all the post-its everywhere!

But unfortunately that ended our pranks for the night, but at least we got everyone! I think it was worth the few bucks I spent on supplies for the raid. :D

Oh! And we left a few surprises for the morning crew as well. I taped the switch on the phone at register 1 again, mounted the mouse to the table back, and did a switch on the ImPress computer. I took a screenshot of the desktop with all the icons, then hid the icons, and set the screenshot as the wallpaper. I left the Start menu, but she’ll be trying for a while to click anything on the desktop! :D


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