Car Accident

Great end to a wonderful night last night. Got in a wreck with a girl right in the parking lot as I was leaving work. She pulled around a corner too fast, cut into my lane and nailed the front-left of my car.

That’s how it looks at the moment, here’s a pic with her car as well:

Not the worst accident ever, but it still really sucked. We were both fine, we were only going about 30mph anyway, since it was in a parking lot. Her car took it worse than mine, I think. Her whole bumper caved in, and her car was brand new, only four months old. The damage to mine was the bumper, the hood, left fender, left headlight, and my driver side door won’t open.

But I talked to the insurance people, and fortunately it should be repairable, so I’ll probably end up with one new headlight, a new bumper, left fender, windshield (they think they’ll cover it as well, even though it was broken already, since the accident put a lot of pressure on that area). That, and I’ll have to suffer with driving a brand new rental car that the insurance company will pay for while the repairs are being made.

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