Back to School!

Just started up at UAH today! Right now I’m taking 2-D Design & Color Theory, Western Civilization II, Art History, and Introduction to Drawing (in that order) from 8-5. As expected, the first classes were boring, just the teachers going over the syllabus for the entire class period. I take that back, in the first class, we watched a video on the Medici family—rather, I slept through it— after going through the syllabus. :)

Parking up there is horrible though. I’d parked fine originally—I got there pretty early—and made the mistake of trying to drive over and meet someone by the University Center before my next class. I ended up driving for the next twenty minutes, and eventually parking even further than I was parked originally. Hopefully it’ll quiet down like it did at Wallace after the first few weeks. For now I’ll just walk. :)

Ugh, it’s getting expensive already though. Both art teachers gave us a list of supplies that were required for the course, and after getting most—but not all—of them, it came out to $150! Oh well, should be fun, we get to sit there for 2 1/2 hours and do nothing but draw, and we can listen to music or pretty much do whatever we want, as long as we’re drawing.

There’s my excitement for the day!

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