I Think You Dropped These…

So my sister has this annoying neighbor that, five or six times a day, has this ritual of sitting outside his apartment door smoking, and then proceeds to throw it in the bush that sits in front of her apartment. He doesn’t even bother to put them out, so you walk by and just see this smoking bush.

I find this very irritating…

To start with, I’ve started picking them up as I see them, and transferring them to his bush on the opposite side.

I figured this method would make it a little more personal, though:


I left these on his doorstep. Innocent enough, but maybe this will drive the point home. I doubt it, though. Unfortunately I’ll just have to imagine his response to this, but in my imagination I’m hoping for a double take, a long, silent stare, followed by a string of bewildered cursing, and a door slamming.

If this doesn’t work, I’m sure I’ll think of other plans. :)


1 Response to “I Think You Dropped These…”

  1. 1 Terry Johnson
    January 28, 2009 at 7:40 PM

    Hi there. Enjoying your blog. Nice photos.

    I loved this post! Don’t you hate it when those cruds decide that their right to smoke/litter is greater than your right to coexist? Good for you for taking a stand. Now the question is: How intelligent is he? He’ll either get the hint and cease, or he’ll think you’re just wanting to make trouble and he’ll ignore it, or he’ll just ignore it.

    I personally have this bad habit of saying out loud how much I can’t stand people who feel they have a right to violate my rights. It may not win me any friends, but it certainly influences people.

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