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Laying the Triangle Illusion "Mystery" to Rest.

Today, I was browsing through StumbleUpon, and I ran across this popular illusion that has been around for a while. The illusion is, that there are four shapes (as shown),


that when arranged differently form the same shape, but with a different Area.


Comparing the upper and lower triangles (we’ll call them X and Y, respectively), we can see that X has an empty square that seemingly disappears when rearranged into Figure Y, yet at a glance, the size of X and Y in their entirety seem to be identical. However, since the area of the individual shapes have not changed, this simply cannot be possible! So let’s break it down and see exactly what is happening in between arrangements.


Our goal here is to prove that the area of triangles X and Y are not equal. There are a few different ways that we can do this, but what we will do in this case is calculate areas A and B outside of the triangle. If these triangles are, in fact, identical, then areas A and B should be exactly equal.

We’ll calculate this with the standard formulas for area:

  • Rectangle: A = bh
  • Triangle: A = 1/2bh


We’re interested in the total area of the colored shapes above. We now have our totals for both Areas A and B. We can see that in triangle X, where there is the unexplained square, the outer area “A” is 32. In triangle Y, outer area “B” is 33, the difference of 1 square inch caused by the extra space in X.

Why this illusion is so effective at first glance, is that our eyes assume that the hypotenuse of X or Y as a whole is a straight line. In actuality, the slopes of the two aligning triangles are slightly different. In X, the line bends out slightly outwards, while in Y, the line retracts inward. Just enough to make that 1 square inch difference.

This dose of geekery brought to you by 2:30 AM, and the addictive power of StumbleUpon. If you found this informative, please Stumble it. :)


Sniper Shot of the Century


I ran across this video on StumbleUpon today. A man is sitting in the street with a gun to his head, demanding that the police bring his girlfriend to see him kill himself. A police sharpshooter is put in position on a hill, and shoots the gun out of the man’s hand, allowing him to be safely taken into custody.


A Few More Shots…

Big Spring Park, originally uploaded by Kevin Coppock.

Here are a few more shots I uploaded from Huntsville:

Through the TunnelAll In Perspective


I Have a Computer Again! / New Photos

E Building, originally uploaded by Kevin Coppock.

Bit of backstory here since I haven’t had a chance to post a blog in a while due to computer issues. About two weeks ago, my computer’s liquid cooling pump decided to fry itself, so I had to order a new fan/heatsink from Newegg and wait for that to come in. It came in last Monday, and when I went to install it, that’s when the real fun started.

I started to remove the old cooling system from my computer, and all of that went fairly well, until I tried to remove the backplate that holds the waterblock to the CPU (those of you who’ve done this, you know what I’m talking about.) Well, apparently whatever genius is in charge of designing these thought it would be a good idea to use the absolutely strongest adhesive possible to mount it to a fragile, expensive piece of equipment such as a motherboard. After about 45 minutes with a hair dryer and a butter knife, I made some headway getting it off, only to notice, to my chagrin, a large burn mark both on my case and on my motherboard, below the CPU. Apparently I’d had a little miniature explosion in there, or something, but long story short, the sucker was fried.

So of course, being the week of Christmas, I couldn’t get a replacement motherboard until today (got an Abit IL-9 Pro, for those that care), but I threw this one together, and so far everything else seems to have made it out unscathed, including the processor, which I had assumed was probably fried as well. Moral of the story here is to not use liquid cooling systems… >.>

Also, I finally got to add some new photos now that I have my computer again, I uploaded three to Flickr today that I liked, so please go take a look if you have a chance!


I Think You Dropped These…

So my sister has this annoying neighbor that, five or six times a day, has this ritual of sitting outside his apartment door smoking, and then proceeds to throw it in the bush that sits in front of her apartment. He doesn’t even bother to put them out, so you walk by and just see this smoking bush.

I find this very irritating…

To start with, I’ve started picking them up as I see them, and transferring them to his bush on the opposite side.

I figured this method would make it a little more personal, though:


I left these on his doorstep. Innocent enough, but maybe this will drive the point home. I doubt it, though. Unfortunately I’ll just have to imagine his response to this, but in my imagination I’m hoping for a double take, a long, silent stare, followed by a string of bewildered cursing, and a door slamming.

If this doesn’t work, I’m sure I’ll think of other plans. :)


Small Change on Facebook’s Notification Emails

This is kind of random, but I just noticed that Facebook has changed the way they send you email notifications. Now the email actually gives more information. Like if it’s a notification of a wall post or a message, it actually contains the post in the email. So apparently they updated it sometime between last night and today, but there’s nothing on the Facebook blog about it yet.

I always thought it would be kind helpful to have the message in the email itself, same way with MySpace.


Who Is Chris and Why is He Here?

All of you down in the Cullman to Birmingham, AL area probably have noticed the several billboards along Hwy 31 and along the interstate that simply read “Who is Chris and Why is He Here?” There is no other explanation or anything else written along with it, simply white text on a blue background. I’ll see if I can add a picture along with it later.

After doing some Google searching on it, I’ve found a few other blogs that refer to this, and list them here:

Also, there is a website with this simple statement as well:

So I did a WHOIS lookup on the registrant of the site, and got this information:

Whois info for,

Registrant: OHSI, inc. 4558 S. Shades Crest Rd. Bessemer, AL 35022 US Domain name: WICAWIHH.COM Administrative Contact: Floyd, Andy US

I haven’t called him or anything, or emailed, though I probably will later on, just because I’m curious. If anyone else would like to chime in (or even make the call) and figure out what this is on about, go for it!

UPDATE: Okay, so I sent Andy an e-mail, and got a response:

Sadly it’s not me – I got the domains after seeing ONE billboard and
getting an idea – I did extensive research and found NOTHING on it so
I thought it was safe – then like hte next week i heard about a ton more…

STILL don’t know what it is, but I heard from one person who said
they heard it was just some new billboard salesman trying to sell
billboard space… but i’m not 100% on that.

So the hunt goes on. Even so, I’m pretty sure it’s just a marketing thing from Lamar. That’s what I first thought, anyway, I always see their ads on bulletin boards on the interstate, but they typically have a contact number or website at least. We should know by Friday for sure, anyway.

UPDATE AGAIN: Okay, so it’s just a salesman from Lamar trying to drum up business. Way to kill the mystery, dude! *sigh* So I guess just keep waiting–eventually something interesting will happen in Cullman, haha.